Dearest Voicetrax Students,

There’s long been a quiet, profound influence on Voicetrax, someone whom you might not have heard of – but if you’ve read Samantha’s memoir, Finding The Bunny, perhaps you know: Janet Mann is her name, and Samantha has always referred to her as her “Chosen Mother.”

If you’ve wondered who was there to encourage Samantha as she encourages you, to be her guiding force, to be her personal champion, Janet’s your answer. The cheerleader for your cheerleader.

Most everything Samantha has done at Voicetrax has been with Janet in mind. She had a way of lifting Samantha up that inspired her to accomplish her very finest and make Janet proud. Be in no doubt that Janet Mann is one very big reason why Voicetrax is what it is. That’s why Samantha dedicated her book to her.

And as is the way of things, we are now sadly obliged to report Samantha’s Mother Janet has passed.

In a sense, there’s a debt each of us owes to Janet, and the way to repay it is this: take a moment to remember someone like Janet in your life. Turn to your left, turn to your right and show them some appreciation. Reach out to them if you haven’t in a while, hold them close in gratitude as much as you can, lest your world dim in their departure before you’ve had the chance to say “thank you”.

Samantha made sure Janet knew over and over, but even now, it only seems fitting to say it once more:

Thank you, Mother Janet. And Godspeed.