This time, with ‘Traxer STACEY ANDERSON in audiobooks! Again, not an agent in sight; just diligent training, watching for audiobook recording opportunities and grabbing one when it comes – and then, ANOTHER one!

“After an old friend in her retirement published her debut novel, which I read and loved, I let her know what I’m doing voice-wise, and she said she had a second novel in the works… we negotiated, she sent me a pre-print copy, I recorded a chapter to see if what I do is what she wanted, she fell in love with my work, and we came to an agreement!

Roni’s instruction (in Audiobooks I and II) has been invaluable–nay, I say ESSENTIAL–to organizing and performing a book with so many characters and so many voices. One of Roni’s genius methods is to lay out a detailed character x chapter spreadsheet of each voice, to provide consistency across the novel.

The next book is a single narrator in memoir format. A person who graduated from the same vegan coaching academy as I did published her memoir of the road she traveled to get to where she is in her vegan lifestyle and activism. We connected, had a conversation, again I recorded a chapter for her to hear her words in my voice, and she too fell in love with my work and very eagerly asked me to voice her memoir!

Then there’s the #VoicetraxSF Home Recording and post-production/editing series of classes that have been indispensable to my being able to produce studio quality audio files within the specifications required for publishing audiobooks–to my own surprise, I’m really diggin’ the post-production aspects of doing VO! Cheers, Stacey”

NICE GOING, Stacey! Good going on the self-promotion, and what a nice reminder of something we like to say around here: those who work a lot, WORK a lot because they work a LOT!



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