For the latest episode in networking-and-booking-without-representation, we now join ‘Traxer JONATHAN FORTIN, who booked his first animation series role – already recording 11 EPISODES’ WORTH – from a personal referral: “Professor Strong” in “Interstellar Ranger Commence”, an independently produced anime feature from Browntable Entertainment! Jonathan had to act quickly to replace another actor in the role:

“Due to the time crunch, they needed me to record and send my lines quickly. Mauricio (the director at Browntable) asked me to do the same voice I used for one of the characters in my demo (from the excellent BEST DAMN DEMO PERIOD class)! I recorded all the lines that way, but my instincts were telling me that it didn’t feel quite right. Strong felt British to me. I recalled how in many classes, instructors have mentioned the tactic of giving the client what they want at first, and then adding what you think sounds best at the end as an optional bonus. So at the end of my lines, I added in just the first line but in the British-accented voice that I thought sounded more right for the character. Mauricio liked that version so much that he asked me to do it all as British. After some back and forth, with me re-recording lines in accordance with his direction, I wrapped my first episode, and moved on to recording the remaining episodes in the series.

The first episode was by far the trickiest to get right, as I was directed to speak loudly as though to a very large classroom full of students for pretty much all my lines. I definitely had to remember what I’d learned in #VoicetraxSF mic technique classes to avoid blowing out my speakers, as well as how to ensure I didn’t kill my voice with too much shouting. I also found what I learned in character classes very helpful, trying to analyze who Strong was beyond what was on the page. I definitely feel that I grew more comfortable with the character as the series progressed, so I’m excited for future episodes to go up!”

WAY TO GO, Jonathan! Professor Strong appears at 7:45 and later at 13:50 in the feature below – and you never know! With TEN MORE EPISODES of this feature and who knows what else to follow, this might just be the start of a beautiful new career…



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