As the #VoicetraxSF reach expands around the country, we add so many students we’d just love to meet – and so, Fearless Leader Samantha decided we could do just that over the Labor Day holiday! We put together a special free class for those willing to make the commute, including a delectable gourmet risotto lunch from resident Maestro Graziano, and is it any surprise there was genuine magic in the air…

“It was a blast getting to meet my VT instructors and classmates! I arrived to Sausalito a total stranger to the city and left with wonderful and supportive friends that want to see me succeed. The weekend really rejuvenated me creatively and made me feel like I found my people. Thank you Voicetrax for a great holiday weekend!” – Tammy Babich, Los Angeles, CA

“I had such a great time coming back into the Voicetrax studio after more than a decade away. And as great as it’s been to be able to connect with other students around the globe for classes online, there’s just an energy that can’t quite be replicated that you get being in person surrounded by so many other talented fellow students and the Voicetrax family. Between the hugs, fist bumps, applause, and great food I feel like I need an extra arm to carry away all the great lessons and memories from last weekends class! I can’t wait to have an excuse to come back again.” – Wes Davis, Palm Springs, CA

“My heart and mind are full! The experience of being in the room where the magic happens and having my beloved VT family there with me, too, was amazing. I especially enjoyed the pressure of the directing experience, having the other student in the booth while Sam sits nearby, gently giving her feedback. I hope that I will get to be back in that seat someday very soon. There’s no place like home. “ – Cait Estrada, Lakeside, CA

“When the final class came to a close Sam asked us what feelings and experiences we would take back to our online classes… As I thought of the question more and more while driving back to SoCal, I feel like I had figured out what that answer was for myself. It was the sense of celebration after doing a performance in the booth. The feeling of having everyone audibly applauding you, while you jumped out and did your own personal bow, dance, or other celebration. That is the ‘something’ I want to remember every time I finish a performance or audition. Because every actor has this in some form or another, after every play or after a shooting the last scene there is always applause and support. All I did after every performance, in class, was sit down and open up my word document for more notes. What I didn’t realize was that I had forgotten to bask in the after-performance glow that comes with every performance, good or bad. Because when you forget to do that, you lose the joy little by little. And that is one of my biggest takeaways from this class. Thanks Voicetrax, and much love to my wonderful teachers and friends I got to see during this long weekend.” – Alvin Chow, Irvine, CA

The pleasure was all ours! Thank you all for bringing your trust and creative spirit, and you’ve left US wanting more, too! Will we do another? Only way to know is to keep an eye right here…



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