Remember the tale of ‘Traxer ALVIN CHOW, and the booking from Taiwan Plus he scored without an agent, from on his mother’s birthday?  Turns out it’s the proverbial gift that keeps on giving!

“It started one morning just waking up and checking my phone when I found an email from Eric the engineer of TaiwanPlus! He was asking if I wanted to do more. The quoted price wasn’t as high as the initial read, but the work wasn’t as much either. I decided to play it safe and ask the one school that I knew would have my back. Voicetrax! I called and within one ring, I heard the brilliant man himself: Chuck! I asked him about the details and whether I should take it or negotiate. He gave me a quick number crunch and told me it was still very much in my favor. Happy with the response I quickly responded to Eric and we booked a source connect test session, a brilliant tip from BookingGigs123 which always makes the engineer happy, and a time the following week for the actual session.

Fast forward to Monday and I was getting ready an hour before the session. I had some throat coat tea, a gallon jug of water, and my Audacity at the ready! All I had to do was wait. I decided the best thing to do was to listen back to what I did previously, as Eric graciously sent me a copy of the finished product since I had asked prior. A trick I learned from Bermuda Try-Angle, thanks, agents!  It was coming close to the session time so I fired up Audacity, another great tip from BookingGigs123 thanks Vicki, and just as I did Eric called on SourceConnect. It was a quick twenty-minute session in and out. The client was happy, the engineer was happy, and I was sweaty because I have no ventilation in my booth. I was also very happy too.

Now, what did I learn from this? One, Voicetrax is not just a school or a business, it’s a place of friendships and mentors. They are STACKED with brilliant, caring, and helpful people, so if you’re worried about something VO related or just need someone to help you with career plans, give them a call. Two, don’t be focused on the money like I was! I asked Eric about payment before the net 30 and BOY did I feel like a goof! He had already sent it, and I had the check not three days after! Three, ask professional and considerate questions! If I didn’t I wouldn’t have the links to the spots I did!” – Alvin

And speaking of those links, we have one below – NICE WORK, Alvin!  Hope you’re ready to get even busier, ‘cause it looks like that’s already happening.  Congratulations and KEEP IT UP!