TAKE A CLASS, BOOK A GIG:  it’s not just theory; IT WORKS.  All the effort our extraordinary Guest Directors put into a typical Voicetrax lesson plan often results in an immediate payoff!  Take ‘Traxer KARL GILLETTE, who credits “The Taming Of The Mic” class he was in the middle of, with harnessing the bombast of a character he auditioned online and booked!  Or how about COLE HODKIN, less than a week out of “Booking Gigs 123”, who shared this exciting piece of news: 

“Hi Vicki… I just wanted to thank you again for everything.  Thanks to your teachings I booked the first audition I got reviewed… AND they just used my audition for the spot!  I’m sure I did you proud.“

It’s just as true in each individual class as it is in the greater Voicetrax training continuum: everything we do is focused on getting you ready to book voice-over jobs in the real world.  Congratulations, Cole and Karl – and trust us, you’re just getting started!