CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER for ‘Traxer CHERYL SAMARZICH, now reading for Stars, the Agency! We can’t think of a student who’s worked harder and stuck with it longer than Cheryl, and her note to us just says it all:

“How do I feel now that I’m auditioning for Stars? Words to describe the feeling would be ‘ecstatic’ or ‘euphoric’ !!! I’m totally doing the Snoopy Dance! I have a satisfied feeling of accomplishing something that I’ve worked for and hoped for! It’s telling myself – wow! I’ve made it this far- there’s no turning back now! It’s a feeling of major gratitude for all of the incredible instructors who believed in me, and especially Sam, Thom Pinto, Vicki, Chuck and Roni who never gave up on me. If u love this awesome craft, I encourage any Voicetrax student who is reading this – please don’t give up on your dream! You’ve invested time and money and put your heart into your efforts. Great things don’t just happen overnight. Trust in Sam’s advice and follow her lead – she won’t give up on you!”