‘Traxer and Beloved Guest Director RONI GALLIMORE shares with us another anecdote on being easy to work with, and how people who work a lot work a lot because they work a lot!

“Mid December, I received an email from Nate saying that I was being check availed for a Schwab project that he had submitted my Narration demo for. (Thank you to Sirenetta & Chuck for producing such powerful tool. This is not the first time it has brought jobs my way.) Then just before New Years Nate confirmed it was a confirmed booking and that he would have details in January.

It started as one session with possibly 2 more to follow. The first session went great. Then a couple of days later, I received a call from Nate saying that the engineers I had worked with at Schwab had referred me to another part of Schwab working on a sister project. (Be nice to engineers, follow direct and be easy to work with – important lessons learned at Voicetrax) The second group wanted to check avail me for the following week. As is customary, session dates move and flexibility is key. When the primary project pushed the second session out by a week and released me for Friday…the second group jumped in to use that session time. Session on, session off & session back on.

Currently the project is expected to have 1 or 2 more sessions to record the rest of the 9 videos.

Such a great gift to know I would be starting the new year with a new client and a large project to work on. All thanks to Nate, Sirenetta, Chuck & of course Samantha.”

Congratulations, Roni!  And thanks for the extremely useful reminders about professionalism and flexibility!