A RECIPE FOR VOICE-ACTING SUCCESS: take equal parts hard work and diligent perfecting of your skills. Mix in two parts patience, and KEEP AT IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY. And when you’re ready, not one minute before, add in a demo produced by Voicetrax, the people who’ve been with you through every step of your training, watched you develop, and really KNOW how to tell your story to the best possible effect. THEN, finish with a contract from a Bay Area agency! ‘Traxers HEATHER WAGENFELD, ARI SIGAL, JULIE HANCOCK and PAT FORAN all followed the recipe, and now ALL of them have been signed by STARS, THE AGENCY – in no small part on the strength of their demos.

CONGRATULATIONS, Heather, Ari, Julie and Pat! You’ve worked very hard to get to this and you never stopped believing, and we’re beyond thrilled at the success coming for each one of you!