…it seems that things are picking up nicely for ‘Traxer JOANN ANDRUS in her first 6 months of auditioning on Voice123! In addition to an ever-escalating level of positive feedback by way of “likes”, JoAnn now has some bookings to report:

“I started actively auditioning about 6 months ago. My first job I had to sign a 3-year contract with a confidentiality agreement so I couldn’t spread the word. I am good at that.

I continued to receive a lot of “Likes” and “Favorite” responses to my proposals.

Recently I recorded a proposal script that I recognized as one of my previous “Likes”. I received another “Like” and a message stating they liked my voice and were going to send it to their client. Two days later I received a message that the client chose my voice!

It’s a Cambridge exam for Mexican students called capsules… I will be paid for each one and he said there’s several!

A big thank you to Voicetrax for all your encouragement as I stumble through… 😊


We should all “stumble through” multiple bookings in our first 6 months of auditioning, don’t you think? Perhaps you might offer her a “like” just below if you agree, but don’t let JoAnn’s modesty fool you. She’s just starting to enjoy the fruits of some very hard work and training – to which we can only say,

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