What’s better than your first booking? How about TWO first bookings right on top of one another? ‘Traxer JOHN ELEBY doesn’t seem to mind one little bit! In his own words:

“Hey all! Sooooo… I feel all giddy still, but so much of the advice you have given was so spot on!! I had received three messages or checks for “availability” on Voice123, but one was in New York, another was for native German, and a third was for an actual female voice… Instead of feeling down about it, I kept plugging along and submitting for jobs I felt I could A) do well and B) were worth my time. After a few weeks I got a message that a marching band was interested in an impersonation from a demo! I recorded a short script in a James Earl Jones ‘Mufasa’ voice and … bam! First job! While I was still excited about that, I got another message for a ‘slight German accent’ character for a podcast. Recorded that and sent the best two takes and they were happy with it, hopefully more episodes to come!

Biggest lesson was: It’s not rejection, it’s selection… Keep plugging away at these jobs and something good will come. Second was treat every submission as an opportunity. I make sure to make solid acting choices for each script, regardless of length or pay. And I can definitely hear the difference when I have a good acting choice to guide me, vs… not.

Can’t thank you guys enough for the guidance and knowledge so far. I know I’m still beginner/scratching the surface of this world, but I AM HOOKED… and you’re stuck with me. :)”

CONGRATULATIONS, John! And trust us, “sticking” with it will work out to be a very good thing. ????