If life is what happens on the way to your cherished goal, determination is what keeps you on track, no matter what. That’s why we’re so moved by this story from veteran ‘Traxer JULIE MOYLAN, who just enjoyed a well-earned signing with Stars, The Agency:

“So I wanted to give this some thought, because it has been a SLOOOWWWW journey for me.

One thing that continually impresses me about Samantha and the VT gang is how held and cared-for we are not only as clients, and VO colleagues… but as people. I remember when I first started out, and decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life, I asked Sam how long she thought it would take for me to be demo-ready. In typical Samantha style she said, “you’ll do your demo when I say you’re ready to do your demo”. Well about 4 years ago, Sam said… OK you’re ready. But there was lots going on in my life and while I was ready from a VO perspective, I most certainly was not ready from the perspective of being able to focus and commit, which led me to a spiral of self-doubt. All that ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ raised its ugly head and I was pretty much convinced that this part of my life would turn sour as well. So I booked a private with Sam.

I must say, there was very little VO done in that private, but Sam listened to where I was personally & professionally, handed me a tissue… well several tissues actually, and then said “take your time… the talent and skills are there and we will be here for you when you’re ready”. And while I know she kept the details confidential, it was clear to me that the whole team got the message that I needed a bit of extra VT love. I felt understood and supported by all.

So fast forward over my life speed bumps and I was THRILLED to finally get in the booth for Sam & Chuck’s first post-COVID demo recording, and boy was I ready. It was very comfortable and just so darned much fun, and you can hear it in the result. So when STARS called and said they wanted to sign me…I was fully ready to commit.

I started out in New York in my 20’s trying to be a professional actor… and 30+ years later I finally get to be! Thanks to everyone and Voicetrax for helping me to make this dream come true!

Love ya,


We love ya right back, Julie! And we especially appreciate your refusal to give this up no matter what came your way. That first booking will be just as sweet as it is inevitable, and we can’t wait to hear about it!



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