We never tire of hearing about that first booking (and all the creative language that usually comes with the news)! Take ‘Traxer LISA STAR, who just enjoyed a payoff on a long-standing project:

“Hi Samantha, Vicki, Roni and Chuck!

I’m a working VO actor! I remember some time back someone saying, “Be sure to let everyone know that you’re a voice actor!” and I told a lot of my friends if not all. Fast forward to about a year or two ago, a friend of mine said her company was thinking of changing up their current resource for telephone greetings and I auditioned. They didn’t change at the time but I got the call a week ago asking if I was still interested. I said yes and off we went!

I get a short script nearly every day to record and send off. The companies are varied as are the scripts which Is why script analysis, beats, diction, good recording technique, etc. all come into play. All of which I have learned through my classes at Voicetrax, naturally! And it’s ongoing work which means that it’s an ongoing workout. It all helps build and reinforce the necessary skillset for VO.

I heard it said that the best way to catch an opportunity is to be ready to grab the tail as it goes by and that is done through preparation. I’m super grateful for all of the support and cheerleading from the Voicetrax family. I don’t know where the journey will take me from here but I’m certainly enjoying the moment!

In gratitude,

Lisa Star”

CONGRATULATIONS, Lisa! We can’t wait to hear about the next one, ‘cause trust us – the snowball is just starting to roll for you!



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