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When Opportunity Knocks…


“I’ve been auditioning with (a Bay Area Agency) for the last 6 months, with little feedback. So when the homework for this class asked us to send in some audio files, I knew I wanted to treat them like I’d been treating all of my auditions to make sure that my process at home was not what was keeping me from booking. The first night with Sam reassured me that my process at home was great and that it was merely “Selection, not rejection” as the wall at Voicetrax says. Spending the day with (LA Agent) was the additional reassurance I needed that I was on the right track and precisely where I was meant to be. (The LA Agent) was fun and encouraging and I loved getting the “LA perspective” on what is “in” right now. (She) was so generous with her ideas for a second take or a redirect here or there and I was so glad that I could deliver in just one or two takes. My takeaways: Keep working, keep learning, be open for redirection and HAVE FUN!”


It’s just the nature of the business; agents represent so many performers that they rarely if ever give feedback on recorded home auditions. This is why the voice-acting m. o. is just to audition and move on, but Bridget went a little further than that. For “Invitational When Opportunity Knocks”, Voicetrax has LA Agents visit to provide their invaluable perspectives on the industry and show students where the competitive bar is set. And when Bridget got this LA Agent’s perspective on how she’s doing with her home recording, the answer was NOT TOO BAD – well enough in fact that this agent wants to hear more from her after class. By working hard and staying positive, Bridget is now reading on a trial basis for Aperture Talent in LA… and we have to admit, seeing that kind of payoff NEVER gets old around here!

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Crazy Enough?

Not to get political (though this IS Northern California), but much as we love to celebrate our students, there also some occasions where we just have to celebrate one of our all-star Guest Directors – and WHAT A STORY we’ve got for you today! The director who flew from LA to New York to direct Colin Kaepernick on Nike’s latest “Just do it” ads was none other than our own JEFF HOWELL! As Jeff says on his Facebook feed, “Many thanks to my friend Jill Kershaw for recommending me as the VO director for these Nike spots. All I can say is that Colin was great to work with and the whole experience was incredibly surreal. This is definitely a directing job that I will not forget!”

We’re linking the video below, because not only is the message universal and exquisitely executed, it also just happens to line right up with concepts we hammer over and over at Voicetrax. “So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy… ask if they’re crazy enough.” We love that one! And if you’ve been with us any length of time, you know exactly why…


Let’s Make A Scene, ROUND TWO…

LET’S MAKE A SCENE: THE SAGA CONTINUES… take a new Guest Director and a fresh round of scene-studying actors, and what do you get? The next episode in Voicetrax’s ground-breaking Let’s Make A Scene series! On-camera/animation veteran JEANNIE ELIAS took the reins this weekend, helping a new group of students shape a scene through monologues she helped them choose – and surprise, surprise, just like first class, everyone was brilliant enough to make the finalist selection a real pain for Jeannie! But the verdict is now in, so please join us in congratulating the four finalist actors from this round: SUSAN VLAHOS, CHRIS CIABURRO, RONI GALLIMORE and JULIE HANCOCK! And thanks once again to all participants for dedicating yourself to improving your skills and expanding your versatility. The better your acting is, the better your VOICE-acting will be… and we CAN’T WAIT to see what November’s Let’s Make A Scene will bring!

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