Date(s) - 07/13/2023
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Directors: Thom Pinto, Chuck Kourouklis, Vicki Baum, Roni Gallimore

Length: 12-hour four-week workshop

Class Notes: The course includes a pre-class and weekly homework assignment. Students must have home recording capabilities.

Do you ever wonder what the actor who booked the gig did in their audition? What was special? What risks did they take? How did your audition stack up against the winning audition? In this exciting class format, your four Guest Directors (that’s right people, we said FOUR) will answer all of these burning questions. Each week students will receive two scripts to perform, with minimal direction, since that’s what it’s like in your closet at home. After listening back and discussing the in-class, stand-out performances for each script, you will get to hear the WINNING audition plus a recorded commentary from the actor who booked it. And how lucky are we that it took little to no effort to line up numerous former and current Voicetrax students who were eager to help out and lift up their fellow ‘Traxers by divulging their tricks of the home-auditioning trade? Another bountiful benefit sprung forth from the celebrated Voicetrax family camaraderie. A unique and wonderful window into the thought process of successful, working voice actors.

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