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With a comprehensive, rotating curriculum of over 100 classes, Voicetrax has lectures, seminars and workshops covering the full spectrum of the voice acting craft, geared to all levels of training.

For new and continuing students, please contact our registrar for class availability and guidance BEFORE signing up for classes. Because we keep our class sizes small, they fill up weeks and sometimes months in advance and often have a wait list! But we also ask you to contact us because of our comprehensive mentoring right from your very first phone call. With so many classes it may seem daunting to know which ones to sign up for, but there’s an answer very specific to you. We’ll help you identify the courses that are most appropriate for your needs at each particular stage of your training and confirm there are seats available.

For Voice Acting Beginners…

If you have no previous voice-over training and/or are looking to find out what the voice-over industry is all about and what it takes to be competitive, look no further than our Finding Your Voice introductory lecture, hosted by none other than Voicetrax Founder Samantha Paris !

To see our amazing group of teachers, click here: Guest Directors

Because we keep our class sizes so small, classes often fill up weeks and months in advance, so ENROLL NOW!

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All descriptions for Spring 2022 classes by category:

Beginners 2022
Intermediate 2022
For Everyone 2022
Intermediate/Advanced 2022
Advanced/Working Professional 2022

For the Spring course catalogue, click here: Voicetrax Star Spring 2022

For actual dates and prices of classes, click here: Registration Form

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Please note that legal restrictions prohibit us from listing the actual names of individual talent agents and booth directors. These workshops and seminars are for educational purposes only, and the presence of a director will absolutely not secure or provide employment in the field or representation by an agent.

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