Chuck Kourouklis

Now who manages to feel like a misfit for having a big, deep voice? It was the first question the 17-year employee of Voicetrax CHUCK KOUROUKLIS asked Voicetrax Founder Samantha Paris when he began as a Voicetrax student 15 years ago: is there a place in voice-over for people with deep voices anymore?  It sure didn’t seem to be what we were hearing on radio ads at the time. Years of stage acting, years of broadcasting – some as the overnight lead-in to Jimmy Kimmel’s morning radio show – and yes, that big, beautiful voice. Chuck has managed to NOT rest on the laurels of his natural talents because he understands that voice-over is all about acting and not about your voice, no matter how distinctive it is.  Chuck has mastered navigating the ever-changing demands of voice-over from big announcer types to the throaty “Darius” in League of Legends to the adenoidal “Mr. Toad” in Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, to the light-sounding guy next door for the multitude of commercials he’s done. Then like a master puppeteer wielding control of his voice-over strings, he sprinkles back in a little bit of that natural born gravitas for all types of narration, especially medical. This Jack-of-all voice-over trades is a stalwart professor for all Voicetrax students, as his booming voice belies his patient and nurturing teaching style.

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