Roni Gallimore

Just some characters, are all she wanted. Nice modest characters, like say… a precocious chipmunk in a multimillion-dollar Pixar feature! Is it really so much to ask? RONI GALLIMORE is a lady of simple pleasures, even if her gourmet cupcakes are downright exotic.  And all she was hoping to do was make a little mark for herself in some character work when she walked through the doors of Voicetrax those years ago. While we’re not talking Pixar – not just YET, anyway, because she did have a Pixar callback audition(!) – it still worked out to be a matter of “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR”. The genre of audiobooks was just sitting there waiting, and Roni answered its siren call. How many characters are there in the typical novel, anyway? 50? 75? Dozens of audiobook titles and HUNDREDS of characters later, Roni got so clobbered with her wish in this roundabout way that she’s now TEACHING audiobooks here at Voicetrax! Roni will show you not only some surprising ways to differentiate the characters in an audiobook, she’ll help you get a hold on that central character in any book, the NARRATOR. Whether you’ve got a jones for character work or are dreaming of storytelling, you might want to give Voicetrax Alum Roni a try… long as you’re careful what you wish for!

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