Date(s) - 08/03/2023
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Directors: Dan Gilvezan, Kemma Filby, Brian Sommer, Samantha Paris

Length: 12-hour four-week workshop

Class Notes: This class can and should be repeated.

The class name remains the same, but everything else has changed. With these three powerhouse instructors and our Founder utilizing their decades of experience to stretch you, this class could be considered a world premiere! This workshop offers you a side-by-side-by-side look at the differences and similarities between commercial, cartoon and video game characters – when to be broad, when to be subtle and real and everything in between. You’ll discover the appropriate lively tone and energy for your Saturday morning characters and learn how to “dial it down” while sustaining the reality and intensity required for video game characters, not to mention developing the funny yet conversational and believable characters that commercial copy demands. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of these unique voice-over genres and challenge your versatility which is a good thing since our fearless leader, Samantha Paris, will make her appearance in week four where you’ll show off your new-found skills and whoever is the best all-around performer in all three genres will win a free private lesson with Samantha!



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