Date(s) - 06/30/2024
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Director: Vicki Baum, Brian Sommer, LA Agent

Length: 10-hour weekend seminar

Class Notes: This course includes a pre-class homework assignment. Students must have home recording capabilities.

There’s that pesky term AGAIN… Self-Direction. If only there was a magic pill, and POOF, every script you saw was crystal clear… (ahhh, but not all of can be Samantha!) And by every script, we mean characters, narration and commercial. But wait! This seminar just happens to have that very triad of teachers to help you with your self-direction aptitude across the board. With Brian helping you let loose with characters, Vicki steadying your engaging storyteller with narration and our very special Agent B from the City of Angels taking on the authenticity of commercials, your self-direction skills are sure to soar, making your first take out of the gate count, leading your home auditions to a whole new level.


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