Date(s) - 06/17/2023
9:30 am - 4:30 pm


Director: Samantha Paris

Length: 7-hour one-day lab

Class Notes: For students currently auditioning, via agency or online casting. There will be a pre-class assignment.

Release the pasta and use your noodle!  Self-direction and script analysis are such crucial elements to success as a voice actor that we’re constantly looking for fresh angles and new ways to improve you in those skills.  In our never-ending pursuit of that goal, we’ve come up with a new deep-dive with the founder herself: you supply two auditions you’ve recently submitted, and with fresh ears, evaluate your self-direction and what you saw from analyzing the script.  Then your peers in class will chip in, and finally, Samantha herself will nail down just what it is you might have missed.  If your latest auditions seem a little flat and rusty, this is just the shot in the arm you need!  And what better way to celebrate Samantha’s birthday weekend and enjoy a gourmet Italian lunch from Graziano besides?  For nourishing yourself AND your craft, you just can’t beat a Saturday like this.



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