Date(s) - 10/09/2021
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Director: Chopper Bernet

Length: 10-hour weekend online seminar

Class Notes: This course includes a pre-class homework assignment. Prerequisite: Discovering Your Inner Artist Level 1 or prior approval from Voicetrax.

Voice-over is nothing more than acting for the ear. Well if that’s true (and it is), then shouldn’t we spend a good deal of our time working on honing the skill of acting so as to be the best “ear actor” we can be? Voicetrax Alum, Chopper Bernet, will be the Sacajawea to your Lewis & Clark and guide you on this scene study journey about acting that is simple, personal and honest. Learn to stay present in a scene and be ready to go in any direction other than what’s most predictable. Chopper will encourage you to live in the moment and jump off the proverbial cliff. As a result, you’ll come full circle to see how the process has strengthened your voice both literally and professionally.



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