Chopper Bernet

He wasn’t known as “Chopper” from his first moment of existence; it took his first breast feeding for Mom to have THAT revelation – not surprising, perhaps, when you consider all CHOPPER BERNET has sunk his teeth into since then!  Take the snowstorm that stranded him and his family at a ski chalet in Ohio; with a bluegrass band playing on as they waited the storm out, Chopper at all of 7 years old jumped on a table in the middle of the chalet and danced a jig of his own frantic creation.  An impromptu audience laughed and cheered, and the next great chewy moment was planted in his mind: what is it that makes a moment true, pure and real?  Chopper’s been chasing the answer to that question ever since, for himself and for his students.  A Voicetrax Alumnus himself, he has one goal in films, in theater and in voice-over: find the truth in the moment and live it fully and completely.  Might that be why Chopper’s not only been a go-to on-camera actor (see Terminator III), but also the promo voice artist for NBC and MSNBC?   And the one thing he has learned over the years is that maybe the answer to What’s Real isn’t really the most important part of the journey. Maybe the journey is the most important part of the journey.  No wonder, then, that so many students have enjoyed the insights they’ve discovered with Chopper!

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