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Samantha Paris On Mentoring

“To me, serving as a true mentor is the single most important gift one can give another human being. For my students, I insist on giving them what I never had growing up and working in Hollywood: a life line, a support system, and a safe haven. As a mentor, I am a champion of others, and that means encouraging them to follow their dreams, and equally important, mapping out how each individual can realize their goals, all done with HONESTY, integrity and love.”

We Provide Guidance Every Step Of The Way

We’re so excited to have you join our Voicetrax family as you embark on the creative adventure of learning the art of voice acting.  It’s an experience distinct and individual, which is why we map it out very specifically for each student.  We carefully craft the group of students in every class based on their relatively similar skill level and individual needs. This way you feel comfortable yet challenged and reap the most benefit from each class.

To assist you in charting your training path and choosing from our rotating curriculum of over 100 online classes, every six months active students receive a hand-written guidance form from our Founder Samantha Paris with class recommendations made specifically just for you, and a personal note focused on goal setting, offering encouragement, and sometimes when needed, some good old-fashioned tough love!  Samantha takes immense pride in being personally involved in every student’s development.

We understand a voice-over career is a long journey with lots of twists and turns, so no matter where you are on your career path, everybody needs guidance and mentoring to get to whatever next level you are seeking.  From receiving a guidance form after your very first class to becoming a successful working professional returning to brush up, stretch your skill set and reconnect with your voice-over roots, we are by your side every step of the way.

Second To None In Support

Whether you’d like guidance on your voice-over career goals or you’re interested in a rigorous and comprehensive one-on-one voice-acting workout, Samantha offers private coaching seven days a week for our active students, starting at $100. And when it comes to answering your questions – big or small – or even just lending a sympathetic ear, the Voicetrax Staff is second to none.  Samantha has always insisted that all Voicetrax employees come from the student body.  This way, students feel comfortable reaching out to our office because they know whoever answers the phone will implicitly understand, because they’ve been in those exact shoes. It’s no surprise that Voicetrax has won several customer service awards over our almost 35-year history, and why – even beyond having the finest selection of Guest Directors and the most comprehensive voice-over training curriculum anywhere – we consider guidance and mentoring the most important benefit we provide…  all in the service of making your dreams a reality.




The Voicetrax Mentorship Experience
“Sam is a genius. Truly. But she doesn’t impose her ideas on you, she listens to what YOU want to do with your life and helps you find that path. Sam and the Voicetrax community have celebrated my progress with me…and perhaps even more importantly, in moments when I’ve needed someone to look me in the eye and say “You’re doing great. Look how far you’ve come. Don’t be discouraged.” They’ve been there for that too. Voicetrax is a top notch place to train as a voice actor, and it is an incredible community of amazing people. My life is so much better because I am here.”
– Emiko Susilo
"I am so grateful that Voicetrax exists and that I get to be a part of it. The instructors are super supportive and each student receives personalized guidance from Sam and staff to steer them towards success. Voicetrax is very special indeed! If you are looking to study voice over, this is the place!"
– Heather Fischer
"This is a special place where you can grow professionally and personally. Sam is absolutely dogged in her resolve to help her students achieve on both those levels, and it truly comes from a place of love. To find an environment this challenging and supportive is what makes Voicetrax such a gem of an opportunity for anyone interested in acting, regardless of their previous experience (I began as a total novice). I couldn't be more grateful to Sam & the many wonderful instructors I've worked with there. The work ethic and the love is inspiring!"
– David Gast
“For the bulk of my life I thought I was the only one who paid attention to who did the voices in the cartoons I grew up watching. It wasn’t until I attended my first class at Voicetrax that I learned I was very much not alone. I found my tribe here. And if there’s a more supportive environment for students anywhere, I’d sure like to know about it, because I dare say that I got more nurturing and encouragement from just a few classes here than in all my years of college. Anyone who has the dream of using their voice to tell a great story, whether in 15 seconds or the entire length of a book, needs to check out Voicetrax.”
– Pat Foran
"I'd like to share some good news, with so much gratitude to everyone at Voicetrax SF, and especially to the founder of this amazing academy, Samantha Paris. A couple of weeks ago I booked my first voice-over job, but I wanted to wait to make sure it wasn’t a one-time fluke before telling too many people. Well, I just booked another job, so I guess the first one wasn’t an anomaly! I had always hoped – but never let myself really believe -- that there could be a creative “third act” to my life and that I would find a way to return to my theatrical roots. But it’s one thing to hope for something and quite another to turn that hope into reality. It requires a LOT of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and the wisdom and encouragement of mentors and colleagues who believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. I’ve learned that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. This is what Voicetrax has given me, and I couldn’t be more grateful."
– Elizabeth Waldman-Frazier
"Getting signed with an agent this week has been so emotional because there were so many times in the last three decades that I never thought I would get here….that I felt like a failure and thought I should give up. I’ve beat myself up constantly over the years for “not doing this sooner”, for “not working hard enough”, for “not being good enough”. And for the FIRST TIME…these tears are about a joy and pain that I cannot totally describe. I can barely even get through writing this right now, because I keep sobbing. 17 years ago, Sam believed in me and told me I could do this. I didn’t believe in myself. 6 years later, I came back but I couldn’t really keep up my studies at the time. Sam made me promise to come back – that she believed in me. 2.5 years ago, I came back. For good. I told Sam: this time it’s for real. And today it feels realer than real. Thank you to Sam, Vicki, Chuck, Roni and the entire Voicetrax family for being with me on this journey!! Time to get (more) shit done!! Thank you!! For all your love, support and encouragement!!”
– Ning Recio
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