Date(s) - 06/25/2023
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Director: Aaron Miner

Length: 10-hour weekend seminar

Class Notes: This course includes a pre-class homework assignment.

Students must have home recording capabilities. Ok, sure, we could go with the obvious opening line for this class description and say the first thing about VO Fight Club, is you don’t talk about VO Fight Club, but that would be silly (and lazy) because as voice actors talking is what we do. Join Aaron, your ultimate cornerman, as he takes you through the rigors of a true voice-over clash. Students will contend in a March Madness tournament-like bracket throughout the weekend until the final two are left to battle it out for the grand prize: a half-price four-week or weekend class! But before you ask, “How will I be involved if I get eliminated early?”, don’t worry because there is something very important we haven’t told you about this seminar: It’s really a direction class disguised as a competition class! That’s right, no matter the ultimate outcome of the performance side of this class, Aaron will be coaching the constant flow of student directors guiding the actors still in the game as the audience weighs in on who won each round by articulating who they would cast and why. At the end of the weekend, Aaron will choose the best director who will win a private lesson with our current Top Teacher, Vicki Baum.




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