Date(s) - 10/16/2021
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Director: Brian Sommer

Length: 10-hour online weekend seminar

Class Notes: None

The phenomenon of home auditioning has taken our industry by storm. Amongst the pros (and there are lots of them!) and cons, some bad habits have been created. With the freedom to do 50 million takes (ok, maybe only 49 million) and edit the life out of your performance, the lost art of live performing starts to diminish. Yet if you book the job and get to the session, the curtain goes up and you have to perform. To close this widening gap between home and live performing, this seminar will ask you to jump in with both feet as Brian takes you through a variety of scripts including commercial, character and narration. Not only will you get just a minute or so to prepare your read, but you will only get a couple takes to lay down your best stuff. A TRUE One-Take Masters class… This workout is designed to hone your versatility and quick preparation skills (and kick all that over-thinking to the curb) and ultimately make you a more dexterous live performer. So, get in, be AMAZING, get out. Rev up your home auditions and session work with this intensive seminar. Sorry, cool cars not included. Neither is Vin Diesel. Sigh.

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