Date(s) - 10/06/2021
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Speaking My Language 

Director: Aaron Miner, LA Agent

Length: 9-hour three-week online workshop

Class Notes: Although this course will be taught in English, all participants must be FLUENT in Spanish.

There is a ridiculous amount of work opportunities for actors who speak Spanish, so much so that all the big talent agencies have a separate division dedicated to it and they are clamoring for Spanish-speaking actors. But lest you think this is a class merely focusing on getting through voice-over copy in Spanish, take heed: script analysis, acting choices and self-direction will definitely still be in play. With Aaron, you’ll work on conversational, natural performances as you record in class. Then our secret LA Agent, who runs the foreign department for one of the biggest agencies on the country, will swoop in on the last week and play the part of well… an agent… to give you constructive critiques and maybe even a chance to perform again incorporating his assessments. The multitude of different accents within the Hispanic speaking world will be explored, determining which are the most often asked for and how regional slang plays a part, as well as overcoming pacing concerns with the often-overwritten copy while avoiding the clichéd Telemundo style read. Si puedes leer y entiende esto, entonces estas calificado a tomar esta clase!



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