Linked In Performances from The Voicetrax Star Casting News

Once again Voicetrax students and alumni are pulling out all the stops and spreading their talent far and wide throughout the voice-over industry. Below is just a small sampling of all the links we receive at our Booking News e-mail ( from our students. Take a look and a listen and witness what it takes to be a true voice-over superstar. We couldn’t be more proud!!

Lara Asmundson, Fathom Impact Travel, narrator:

Owen Baker-Flynn, Roto Rooter, Santa Claus and announcer:

Stephen Barlow, Chuck Kourouklis, Louisa Mackintosh, Schwab investor videos, call-in customers:

Vicki Baum, Openprise, narrator:

Colin Benoit, Atlassian, narrator:

Jim Edgar, Cissy Jones-Lin, REI, voices:

John Ellsworth, DeMarillac Academy, narrator:

Nina Greeley, Suzuki SV650, announcer:

Rocio Guitard, PG&E, narrator:

Liz O’Neill, Ace Hardware, announcer:

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