Ryan Clark

“A guy ran into a bar… Ouch! That must’ve hurt.”  Yes, after memorizing pages of audition dialogue for YUMMY Shaq Energy Bars, that’s what RYAN CLARK came up with when asked for an improv.  But give him a break – he was just eight years old – and that improv promised so much more than a bright future in “dad” jokes! It landed him that Shaq Energy Bar booking, and from then on, Ryan was off to the races.  Through high school, through college, through eleven years of residency in Los Angeles, Ryan has made himself a regular Swiss Army knife of acting disciplines!  Ryan’s pursued his improv passion and honed his chops in The Upright Citizens Brigade, one of LA’s most beloved comedy theaters; but his bread and butter is now writing and producing for the Disney Channel Creative Marketing Team.  That’s right, everyone: PROMOS!  And not just any promos, DISNEY PROMOS! LOTS of promos across the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, and now, Disney+.  Included in all this is casting and directing VO talent for these promos, and in today’s ever-changing TV landscape – where the word “promo” means more than it did 5-10 years ago – Ryan is pleased to share all the latest developments with you!


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