Rhiannon Brogan

You never know where or when you might get bitten by The Bug… take the case of Voicetrax Alumna RHIANNON BROGAN.  It all started for her at the theatre department at USC; in her final year, Rhiannon found they had a voice-over class – and somehow she knew, soon as she heard about it, that she had to take that class.  Behold, the improv, the engagement of creativity, the hearkening back to characters and cartoons she loved as a kid!  Once Rhiannon’s imaginative, fun-loving inner child was unlocked and validated, she knew voice acting was what she was meant for, and it was clear that just one USC class would not do… and that led her right to Voicetrax!  And now that Rhiannon has so many toy and game credits under her belt – SpinMaster Hatchibaby, WowWee, Pacific Cycle, Wicked Cool Toys; educational games from Leap Frog, Animal Island Learning Adventure – Rhiannon is ready to share some of that special toy and educational game wisdom with you!

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