Maurya Tollefsen

Oh sure, senators and governors and other political figures get all the glory but be ye in no doubt who actually runs their affairs behind the scenes: their AIDES.  Guest Director MAURYA TOLLEFSEN knows a little something about that, having served previously as aide to a Virginia Senator and a Governor of New Hampshire! And after managing all the details, minding the minutiae, and indeed, herding all the figurative cats that being aide to a prominent politician produces, you can bet Maurya has a lock on her current role as Senior Strategist at Storefront Political Media.  And don’t be fooled by the name – sure, Maurya knows exactly how a political ad is supposed to sound and how you are supposed to sound on one, but Storefront also manages the public-facing images of companies and institutions with nationwide reach.  Hey – if she can wrangle an image and brand for high-profile office-holders, directing actual pros to a good voice-over performance follows more naturally than you might think!  Holder of a Master’s degree from Dartmouth and proud graduate of Coro’s Women in Leadership Program, Maurya brings a new level of expertise in a key genre to Voicetrax.

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