Matt Moy

Talk about an extremely successful Voicetrax alum… with voice-acting credits like Steven Universe and on-camera credits including being a series regular on Two Broke Girls and recurring on American Auto! If you’ve ever wondered about a ‘Traxer made good, look no further than MATT MOY!  It wasn’t so long ago that Matt was sitting in your exact position as a Voicetrax student – just like any of us, except perhaps with a more interesting existential philosophy: life is about getting your $#!+ together.  So when it comes to honing your skills at the feet of the best in the industry, let commence the process of getting your $#!+ together.  When an LA Guest Director takes notice of you, when moving to LA becomes a realistic option (and you’ve built a little nest egg), and finally when Samantha herself says, “if you’re going to LA, you might as well do what you’ve been training to do”, there’s a cue to get that last bit of – well, you know ­– together and start the momentum rolling!  It could be as simple as “working hard, laying the groundwork and taking care of yourself” as Matt maintains – to say nothing of his deep gratitude to family, peers and Voicetrax for supporting him throughout his continuing career.  We are delighted to have him back in the fold!

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