Lee Porter

Sometimes the key to success is simply not knowing what isn’t possible.  Take the case of Guest Director LEE PORTER, hailing from Toronto in the Great White North.  He might have had no idea what he was getting into those years ago as a freshly minted recording engineer, agreeing to sound-supervise an unknown animation project, after hours and strictly on his own time – but 150 shorts for a pilot incubator and numerous popular series later, Lee came away with a comprehensive education in casting, voice direction, production managing, improv direction, and his Supervising Producer/Showrunner role at Look Mom! Productions.  Fast forward a few years to a whole new show getting greenlit days before the pandemic shut everything down, and does it even occur to Lee to panic?  NOPE!  He spearheaded the organization of remote writer’s rooms, recording gear distribution to cast members for set-up in closets, bathrooms and sheds to get as close to studio-quality as possible, ALL while recording Zoom ensemble performances drawing from actors in Toronto, LA, Australia and New Zealand – and completing two seasons of TV entirely from home!  No surprise, then, that Lee has directed and produced shows for Amazon Prime, Roku, FOX, Discovery+ and Adult Swim, with shows in development for Hulu and Sony. Considering all the angles Lee’s covered, we couldn’t be happier to have him sharing the benefits of his wisdom at Voicetrax!

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