Christy Summers

She’s a Giants-cheering Formula 1 fan… she bakes some of the most amazing cakes a humble oven has ever produced… she teaches pole fitness classes(!) Does this sound like a cog in a wheel to you?  Don’t get us wrong, cogs serve a noble purpose, and without them the whole machine grinds to a halt.  But is that really all you want to be professionally?  That’s probably not enough for you, and it certainly wasn’t enough for CHRISTY SUMMERS!  Christy was all about the corporate life until she wasn’t – there just wasn’t any authenticity or creativity in the daily grind to feed her soul, which is why she turned to voice-over!  But while you can take the girl out of business, it’s harder to take the business out of the girl.  Turns out Christy parlayed voice-over into such a mean little enterprise, she found herself getting lots of questions on how to run a business!  Enter Daytime Hero, a company she launched in 2022 to teach the business behind voice-acting. And with her psychology degree, an MBA in Management, and over 20 years in corporate and small business experience, she’s ready to share the benefits of her all her knowledge and business experience here at Voicetrax!

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