Chloe Schneider

Don’t ask, ‘cause we ain’t tellin’. The animation company CHLOE SCHNEIDER works for is soooo huge, we couldn’t even fit the font here if we did spill it!  But Chloe’s got quite the story about how she got there, starting at the height of the me-too movement: being a SoCal native, with a few of her own experiences in the strange world of the Entertainment Biz, Chloe figured it was high time to blow out some cobwebs and take on a career as a talent agent in The Windy City!  And despite knowing not a soul, her career at one of the top agencies took right off. But much as she enjoyed advocating for talent – particularly more marginalized artists – she realized through casting projects that her heart was truly in storytelling. So back to California she came, to work herself into a casting position at her current organization!  Wanna know what goes into casting at a supermassive compartmentalized secret animation company? Chloe is just the one to let you in on the process, and we’re delighted to have her aboard!

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