Andrea Toyias

The Bard aka Shakespeare has been known to proclaim, “All the world’s a stage”, and perhaps that’s why some titles from Blizzard entertainment are so cinematic and wide-ranging: the approach for ANDREA TOYIAS is to make the recording booth “an endless stage of possibilities, rather than a room, a mic, and four padded walls.” It sure looks like that strategy paid off, with Blizzard’s world-rocking success with titles such as Diablo, StarCraft, World of Warcraft and especially Overwatch. As the Senior Casting & Voice Director at Blizzard, Andrea casts and directs every voice appearing in a Blizzard title. Nobody is better equipped to show you the ins, the outs, the performance expectations and just exactly where the bar is set in voice acting for major-league interactive game titles. Andrea landed upon Blizzard’s shores in 2008 and was given the task of building their VO department from the ground up. Some ten years later, casting and directing ghouls, goblins, multi-headed demons, space aliens and superheroes of every variety is her specialty… and working with actors of every level is her passion. Andrea’s goal, no matter the character and no matter the project, is to find a truth and believability in every line and in every performance.

“A Few Minutes With Andrea Toyias…”

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