Date(s) - 04/27/2021
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Director: Roger Vosburg

Length: 6-hour two-week workshop

Class Notes: None

Please hold… Your class description is very important to us… We will be with you in just a moment… In this workshop, Roger will help you develop the skills and techniques necessary to work on voice activated response systems (automated phone prompts also known as Interactive Voice Response), including appropriate style, clarity, maintaining consistency and energy, cold reading and techniques such as “concatenation”. And why should you be interested in IVR? Well, not only are the initial sessions usually very long (long = well paid), but when a bank needs to add a few prompts to their phone tree, who are they gonna call? (pleeeease don’t say Ghostbusters, that joke is sooo 1984, you know who’ll they’ll call… YOU! again and again and again) You’ll finish this workshop with a greater understanding of what it takes to be the “voice of a company”.

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