Date(s) - 03/16/2021
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Director: Jeannie Elias

Length: 9-hour three-week workshop

Class Notes: This course includes a pre-class and weekly homework assignments. Students must have home recording capabilities.

Ok, all you super advanced ‘Traxers, Jeannie has designed a class just for you to push you out of your comfort zone and expand your imagination! Fine-tune your script analysis abilities to comprehensively interpret a script, make vocal, emotional and even physiological choices impacting the believability and relevance of the commercial monologue, as you create a performance that is authentic and appropriate to the product by understanding what you think before you speak. Explore Jeannie-approved performance tactics that will pinpoint the vibe the writer intended while discovering how your own curiosity and interest propels your commercial monologue. These techniques will organically support finding truthfulness, conversationality (our favorite new word!) and personality in your monologue and any other acting work, including theatre and on-camera as well as voice-over, and maybe even your personal and professional life! Stay fully present and in the NOW as you turn all your monologues into vibrant and imaginative dialogues.

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