Date(s) - 05/15/2021
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Directors: Vicki Baum, Aaron Miner

Length: 10-hour weekend seminar

Class Notes: None

Launch into a weekend packed full of information, performance exercises and FUN! You’ll explore basic voice acting fundamentals including detailed acting choices, script interpretation, microphone technique, monologues, dialogues, improv and video game characters – including playback and feedback of recorded performances, making this class a unique experience in online training choices. Get ready to jump in from the very beginning experimenting with partner improv exercises and audience participation guessing games that revolve around making specific acting choices. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have a solid understanding of the voice acting craft, and an awareness of the particular skills and techniques you’ll need to succeed in the current marketplace, and perhaps even a different perspective of who you are and what stories and characters you can create!

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