Wonderful, moving and poignant. No nonsense and down to earth like Samantha- a honest relatable life story of a determined woman to create her world to share with others. Oh and lots of bunnies for any voice actor wannabes. Loved every word. Congrats!!”             Lisa Star

Incredible honesty from an incredible woman, such an awesome read!”Julie Hancock

Everyone has a journey, and Samantha is candid and courageous in sharing hers. Sam’s book lets us all in on a little secret: you can do it! One chapter pulls you to the next, lesson after lesson, much like studying at Voicetrax, a transformative direction takes form, from unconsciously incapable toward unconsciously capable; and voila: BUNNY!Michael Stecher

A wonderful journey that all artists -aspiring or otherwise- can relate to.Bill Naylor

I literally couldn’t put this book down; reading it felt like having a heartfelt conversation with a dear friend. And after reading it, I am steadier on my own VO path.Stephanie Shmunes

Great book, vulnerable and honest, as any actor should be!Steven Godbey


I have never been much of a reader but every time I pick up Samantha’s book “Finding the Bunny” it keeps me reading late Into the night. It is heartwarming, enlightening and inspiring to say the least. I believe Samantha to be an exceptional woman in so many ways and her book solidifies that for me. I look forward to each and every chance I get to sit back and relax with Sam’s Finding the Bunny. Thank you for being you Sam!Leslie Pringle

A very fast, enlightening and entertaining read!Devin Glischinski

I love memoirs in general because they’re a window into a person’s inner dialogue and unique perspective. I love Finding the Bunny in particular because Samantha Paris does this in such a raw, vulnerable, and laugh-out-loud funny way. I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait to hear the audiobook when it’s available!”Shannon Kealey

Loved the book!”Amy Larson

Extremely engaging and illuminating. Highly recommend it.Adam Wooley

Vulnerable and honest, a great read for voice actors and non voice actors alike!Yuliya Patsay

Never have I met a teacher who wants her students to succeed more than Samantha does. This truth resonates cover to cover in ‘Finding the Bunny.’ This heartfelt and insightful memoir also gives aspiring voice actors a glimpse into the transformation that so often occurs while studying at Voicetrax that goes beyond learning how to competitively act with ones voice. I’m referring to the self discovery, unlocking of creativity and communal bonding that takes place along the way in this most nurturing environment. That my friends is ‘Finding the Bunny.’ Enjoy the journey.”Bruce Friedricks