AND THE WINNER IS… the performer who literally BROKE THE ENVELOPE this Saturday! One of the great lessons in a competitive auditioning class like the Voicetrax 500 is that actors sometimes get so wrapped up in the notion of a competition that their auditions can get “safe” and uninspired. And when Samantha saw the performances trending this way, she decided to shake things up a bit, giving one finalist some harrowing direction and daring her to go all the way with it. That finalist did what Sam asked, and was the shining example of what EVERY student should always do – be brave and let go…dig deep and truly unleash your heart. Her stirring performance was met with thunderous applause and the resounding consensus that she should be crowned the Voicetrax 500 winner, earning her a 500.00 dollar class scholarship! To learn who this finalist is, and to hear that performance, just click on the video below.