THE CHECKERED FLAG DROPS: There’s a $500 class credit in play… and after six hours reviewing around 100 individual submissions from over 30 initial contestants, it became clear that you all weren’t gonna make this easy! This was one of the most competitive rounds of home auditioning Vicki, Roni and Chuck have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Each of the initial contestants BROUGHT something to their auditions, and that doesn’t always happen! But much as we’d have loved to advance everyone to that weekend Finals seminar, we’re obliged to narrow the field to those who brought the MOST. And as tightly packed as the scores were – including a three way tie for the final three! – when they were tallied up, we had a clear top 15 for the Finals: ANNE MARIE BAINES, LAZLO BEAUREGARD, JONATHAN CRIPPS, TAFFY DOLLARD, JONATHAN FORTIN, STUART GOVE, ERIC HIRSCH, KEITH HOUSTON, SHANNON KEALEY, KEE KILLE, AMY LARSON, VINCENTA LICATA, YULIYA PATSAY, EMIKO SUSILO, and GABRIELLE THORMANN! While we congratulate the finalists on a hard-won preliminary round, we’re going to keep saying this because it keeps being true: we may have finalists, but there are NO LOSERS – not as long as you all keep demonstrating this kind of passion for improving your craft. Thanks to all who participated, and Finalists, check your email for details on the next round of The Voicetrax 500!

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