your voice-over career will still MOVE ONWARD!

On first listen to ‘Traxer FAYE JAIME, you might peg her as a natural for animation and characters (and she is!). But no matter what the genre, there is a place in voice acting for EVERYONE, and Faye proves she’s got the chops for narration in the piece linked below:

“Hi Voicetrax family, I thought that I’d write you and let you know that I still always think about you.

I did want to share with you a video that I narrated. My friend is a graphic animation teacher in Portland and her students worked with NOAA on a project called The Lifecycle of the Pacific Salmon. She told me I should audition last spring and I almost didn’t, but it turns out they liked my voice because it’s meant for younger kids. I hadn’t practiced in a long time but in my time of need everything I learned at Voicetrax helped me get it done. It felt so easy, and I know it felt that way only because of my time with all of you.

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to say hi and thank you and I miss you. I hope everyone is well.


Thanks, Faye! And congrats on some really nice work.