It’s always a treat when Guest Director PETER COYOTE comes out to share his wisdom on creativity and performance! And after another intensive and exciting Saturday of mask exercises, status interaction study, and documentary narration, we got a fresh cascade of insights from our students:

“When you suddenly see your eyes, hair and accessories behind a seemingly expressionless mask, the brain tries to scramble and make sense of it. In my case, I found if I just let go, and sort of through my mind out of focus, all this unexpected information just came rushing in. From where, I couldn’t say, but suddenly I was looking at someone who wasn’t me, and it was exciting and risky, and I liked it. DNA/survival techniques strike again in a really unusual way. That the feeling and information could be reproduced later without the mask was the cherry on top.

Thanks!” – Victoria Hunter

“The experience of using masks to tap into our formless possibility was an awakening experience and very powerful. The experience with the masks allowed us to embody the actual practice of tapping into aspects of our self that may not normally tap into. It also awakened us to reach beyond our normal engrained personalities. The experience was both both playful and profound. I felt deeply touched by Peters centeredness and wisdom and excited to challenge myself going forward to bring meditation into a regular practice in my life. The tools that Peter shared with us not only help to awaken and create a powerful base for acting, these tools are also powerful in everyday life no matter what we’re seeking to do.” – Lani Faulkner

“Peter started the class by telling us that the only acting technique we need is getting out of our own way. And the mask exercise delivered just that. I didn’t have to think ‘how do I act like this character?’ In putting on a mask and seeing my new ‘self’ in the mirror I simply became that person. My rational mind took a (much needed) rest and allowed my intuition and instincts to take over.

Once we had a chance to work with masks, we worked on treating the script as a mask and allowing the language of it to be the mask we wear.

Peter also told every woman in the class that we’ve got to take power without apologizing for it, or as he helpfully put it [when going in the booth] ‘bring your wonder woman suit’.” – Yuliya Patsay

“Ever since working with the ‘status’ equation with Peter, I have begun working on defining my emotions, trying to keep them in check, and when needing to audition for a powerful spot, visualize the laser pointer coming right out of my chin, and that energy flowing through the microphone. And when I need to assume a lower status, I can roll my shoulders forward and work through that emotion too. We all wear masks in every way, everyday.

Because of Peter’s class, I am going to use my newfound awareness to be true to my intentions and emotions, to truly be authentic.

Great class! Really great! Thank you Peter! Thank you Voicetrax for everything you do!” – James Larsen