BREAKING from FREMONT: More ‘Traxers have been spotted converging on unsuspecting voice-over bookings! This one continues a Star One campaign featuring VT Guest Directors LOUISA MACKINTOSH and CHUCK KOUROUKLIS, as a snappy fed-up customer and a blustery windbag bank manager, respectively (SO against type for both…)

“There is nothing better than walking into a session to find out you’re working with another actor… oh wait yes there is… when the other actor is Chuck K! Doing our second session together for Star One Credit Union. It was fun for me to watch a master at work, listen to it real time in a session.” – Louisa

“I hope this campaign goes on forever! Working with a performer who’s as generous and reactive as Louisa makes everything SO MUCH EASIER, particularly when there’s a call for wild line options after some live runs with your partner. Louisa helped me set my guy right up and keep him anchored!” – Chuck

Hit the video below for the finished radio spot. And you just never know – your fellow student of today may very well be your professional partner in crime tomorrow!