The project: The Bay Area Council recently held a Hall Of Fame Induction for three key community members, and each of those members had a story to tell – so there were three narrations up for grabs!  And through Stars, The Agency, ‘Traxers booked not one, not two, but all three of those narrations!

“Hello All!

Only thing better than booking a job is to see a familiar name on the roster!! I recently booked a tribute video for the Bay Area Council and was so pleased to see Katy Lawrence working the VO for one of the three folks being honored at the event! Not the first time I’ve seen another ‘Traxer on the (digital) jobsite, but it’s always beyond cool to see a familiar name on a project.” – John Eleby


“Hi My Friends! Recently I booked my first gig after being signed with Stars in SF. For the Bay Area Council Hall of Fame Dinner honoree Florence Fang, only to find out the day of the recording session that John Eleby was one of the three VO artists to be booked. How “Awesome” is that! Just goes to show us the training works.” – Katy Lawrence


“How lovely to hear that we were all from Voicetrax!  (I didn’t know I was in such illustrious company!)

My video told the story of George Marcus, a prominent Bay Area philanthropist.  After booking the gig, I told the client that I’d be happy to go the recording studio in San Francisco rather than recording via Source Connect (because I ALWAYS prefer in-person recording) and my offer was accepted.  I got to record in a studio for the first time in several years!  So much fun!  The script was beautifully written, and the session went very smoothly.  Marcia McClean was a joy to work with!” – Nina Greeley


CONGRATULATIONS, Nina, Katy & John! Is it any coincidence that we’re talking about three of the hardest-working ‘Traxers around? NOT AT ALL, so let Katy, John and Nina be your example. Put in the sweat equity like they do, and who knows how many fellow students you’ll see on a job… or several!




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