SOMETIMES IT ALL COMES DOWN TO ONE TAKE AND A TENTH OF A POINT: May’s session of The Good, The Bad & The Weird went right down to the wire! Students spent five weeks with Bay Area Video Game Guru BRIAN SOMMER developing and perfecting a good character, a bad character, and a weird character, all to perform for Samantha on week 6. A free private lesson with Sam was on offer to the student who performed each character to the most competitive standards, and this particular round of judging was TIGHT! There was a ton of great work on that last Monday night, but one student was able to score Samantha’s vaunted fully-competitive “3.0” score on EACH of his three characters – and one of those perfect, fully-competitive scores came in only ONE TAKE. CONGRATULATIONS, TED SMITH! Ted’s been working very hard at this for quite some time, and we’re ALL overjoyed to see this big payoff for his efforts!