THE STUDENTS HAVE SPOKEN: we’ve been pretty excited about our new #VoicetraxSF Hybrid Format mix of in-person and online students in a single class – how’s it all working out? We’ll just let you hear from ‘Traxers who’ve experienced it in To Paris & Back last weekend:

“Hybrid format seems to be working very nicely indeed! To Paris and Back meshed very smoothly between the Zoom and in-person students. Instructors instruct, students learn, and it still comes across as a very warm and supportive environment.” – Augustin Stucker

“For me it was great to come in person since it was my first time to do so, I have enjoyed Zoom in the past and it can be so convenient! I enjoyed having both in one; I still felt like I met people. Thanks for all the great instruction!” – Cindy Barath

“I really liked the hybrid format. I loved being in a real booth (first time, woohoo!), but it was great to include talented students in other cities (or even countries), and it’s good to know that if plans change and I have to be out of town, I can still probably make it to class.” – Curt Ford

“The hybrid class was great! It was nice to see the studio for the first time even if I wasn’t actually there in person myself.” – Tenee Crockett

“I actually really liked it! I’m always cautious of mixed in-person and remote events, because it always feels like the remote people don’t get to participate as fully. But I thought both Sam and Vicki did a really great job managing class time and making sure everyone felt included. I especially appreciated that you were thoughtful not only of the sound coming from the booth, but the mic in the room as well (including repeating questions for us remote folks!). That really helped me feel included.” – Jesse Buddington

“The hybrid format was great!! Even though we weren’t in the studio, it still made us feel a part of the set up.” – Cameron Williams

“I can attest that the hybrid format is really effective. I attended sections both in person and on zoom. There was a strong sense of group cohesion and support. When in person, the people joining online felt as if they were there, and vice versa. Samantha, Vicki & Chuck are masterful at facilitating the group and the hybrid format was seamless.

The most important thing is that we all heard real improvement from the beginning to the end of the course. The classes made a real impact. Now to keep practicing and keep it up!” – Ed Schultz

Glad you all enjoyed it, everyone! And this is only the beginning – keep an eye right here as we bring you more information about classes in the Fall!



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