And the term “’Traxer” enjoyed its first official use in the classroom setting! How so? Emmy-award-winning PETER COYOTE teamed up with our Founder SAMANTHA PARIS, and for this very special occasion, we came up with a two-fer class: The Master’s Master Class/The Jury Is Out! Advanced students would perform scenes and beginning and intermediate-advanced students would watch – but our “jury” participants went beyond the role of merely auditing the class, far enough that calling them “auditors” just wouldn’t do.

On Saturday, this special panel of ‘Traxers was charged with following the progress of advanced students as they developed dramatic dialogues under the tutelage of Peter’s exclusive “Masking” technique. And then on Sunday, after watching a final round of performances directed by Samantha, they were tasked with judging the best female and male performers!

Those ‘Traxer votes are now in, so please join us in congratulating RUBY DAY and MARK FOX as our top “Master’s Master” performers of the weekend!

From the ‘Traxer Panel:

“Everyone did such an amazing job and I learned SO much!” – Olivia Campisano

“Thank you again for offering the ‘The Jury Is Out’ class this weekend. It was a really cool experience to get to watch Peter & Sam work with some of the more advanced students and see the acting process for everyone involved… it is a great way for beginning Traxers such as myself to see how the more advanced classes work and also as a sort of goalpost of how much farther I’d like to move forward in Voicetrax and the acting/VO world in general (in other words, it’s a great gateway drug).” – Scott Schwerdtfeger

“Thanks for a great class!” – Hilary Percy

“Big thanks to Peter and Samantha and all the actors for an amazing weekend.” – Curt Ford

It’s just the latest in our never-ending pursuit of the most exciting and innovative teaching techniques! And as we shape our Fall Catalogue, we can promise you it won’t be the last… 😊

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