THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT? ‘Traxer ALEX DRUDE can’t quite bring himself to believe his first booking with Stars, the Agency – he didn’t have to audition or anything! That first booking came directly from his #VoicetraxSF-produced demo; meaning, a producer just listened to it and decided Alex would be right for this yet-unnamed project!

The only thing about such a booking is the surreal feeling of it all…

“Everything went pretty smooth, but I won’t believe it really happened until I hear it somewhere! They kept throwing different directions at me, but they were all things I’m used to hearing in class (it actually felt more like a private lesson because I was the only one there, but still had a very “class” feel) I didn’t feel particularly nervous even though the session ran a bit longer than expected, and for that I give thanks for the many classes at Voicetrax to get used to ‘being conversational and friendly’ behind the mic and keeping that attitude for many different takes!

Hopefully this is the first of many!”

It’s true, Alex – after all the hard work you put in learning the craft and trusting the process, sometimes it really IS that easy! Trust us, this job is real and you will be getting that check. And yes, this WILL be the first of many for you!



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